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Back Home!! February 7, 2009

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So Cindy and Layla finally came back last week. I have been so busy helping around the house and with work that i hardly have time to update the blog. Also Layla has started to adjust her sleep schedule to US time zone now… sleeping from 940pm to about 600am(with a little waking up to find her pacifier in the middle of the night)!!


When she first came back Cindy and her mom had gotten Layla pretty used to the “rocking to sleep b4 putting her down in the crib” system… however just a few nights ago i attempted singing/humming to her while stroking her head/holding her hand while she was awake in the crib and it worked. SHE JUST CLOSED HER EYES and conked out!! CIndy and I were both so suprised and happy. So for the past few nights we have steadily been putting Layla to bed that way.

So here are some photos of her these couple of days!


Layla in the Excer – Saucer



Smiling in Bed



Sitting up on her own for the 1st time TODAY!!



Another one!



Taiwan Part 4 December 27, 2008

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Surprise.. I got new photos today!! I know.. it’s rather quick!!

Layla and Great Grand Pa once again



Grabbin her feet .. showin off her moto-skillz!!  



Posin for cam!!



And the roll over..she’s gotten really good at this now




Small Smile!



Medium Smile!!



Large Smile!!!



The widest smile ever!!!



Taiwan Part 3 – It’s been a while…. December 26, 2008

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Cindy has been busy raising little Layla with the help of  her mom and family back home in Taiwan. According to her, Layla has been doing very well… and become more and more vocal about things. She has also learned to turn herself over more often and grab her own 2 feet. 


I skype with them almost every night and everytime I see her, the more I wish I was there helping out too! But I know that Cindy and Layla are in better hands over there since I am always at work for most part of the day.


Cindy also want’s to apologise since she hasn’t been updating me with photos of Layla as they don’t have a good digital camera with them over there.


But here’s a couple taken about 3 weeks ago…









Taiwan – Part 2 December 7, 2008

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So I have been really busy at work and everytime I come home i head to the shower and go to bed…  so tired that I don’t even turn on my computer to surf the net. Cindy had sent these couple of photos to me a week ago and today I finally found time  to post them up… here they are:


Layla sound asleep on the bed



Feeling refreshed after her morning nap!



Hey it’s play time!




Look at her smile….sigh




Tummy time.. working it!!



Typical outing to the wet market




Layla was so interested with her surroundings




Food to go!!!




Tired and fell asleep again



In Taiwan – Part 1 November 23, 2008

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Cindy and Layla arrived safely in Taiwan and according to her, Layla was very well behaved on the plane and was a darling…. the flight attendant even held Layla for like 15mins in the kicthen area while they chatted.

Here are some photos of Layla in Taiwan. (since Cindy didn’t have space to carry our camera there, she had to use her mom’s).



Grandma, Great Grandpa and Layla. That’s a red packet from Great Grandpa!!! THANK YOU!!!!




 Grand Auntie( Grandma’s older Sister ) and Layla




 Grandma burping Layla



 Lazing at home with Grandma and her boyfriend.



 Hmmm…. Layla doesn’t seem to like him . That’s the Boyfriends son and his first attempt at carrying a baby. (keep trying though .. you’ll eventually get it)




 Cindy’s long time friend, Huey Ying( i think that’s how it spelt) came over to visit!!


Now’s we’re just missing a picture of Cindy’s sister with Layla…..


My last day with Layla November 18, 2008

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Sigh.. Today was Layla and Cindy’s last day in NY as they headed off to Taiwan tonight for a LONG 2 1/2 – 3 Months!!! I was just telling some of my friends about how I was begginning to get a sense of FATHER, DAUGHTER relationship building. Layla has finally begun to respond to our voices by laughing and smiling more. She also shys away and turns her head bashfully into the chest of whoever is holding her.

I know I will miss both Cindy and Layla alot.. So hopefully Cindy sends me photos to update me with what ever they are up to over there!

First off, my friend Melody and her husband Randall from S’pore came over for a visit!!  Layla was thrilled with their visit and was smiling so much with them!! (ofcourse they were also great baby handlers)




Here’s Me with a pleasant morning wake up!




Ansd yes … she likes my facial hair.





Layla was so busy…she even managed to squeeze a visit to Eric Christopher Downs today!! He was a Darling and was so nice and Mellow!!






Layla on a bumbo November 16, 2008

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Lately while we have our dinner, we put Layla into the Bumbo right next to the Food on our Table…. That way she’s more calm and just watches us eat. Thanks again Ally for this suggestion.


Here’s a wind up for a sneeze


and….. there it goes!!



Random Pics November 5, 2008

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Been lazy lately about posting stuff.. so here’s some candid pics of Layla.



It’s been a while since she has slept on my shoulders so I asked Cindy to take one for the record. And Yes I am growing a Beard for a contest at my work place. Check it out here



Another one of her .. sigh… wished I could be like her and sleep without any worries.



Layla sitting on a Bumbo seat that our dear friends the Bruno’s got for her.



Lately I have been carrying her in differnt ways so i could use my other arm… this one is called “The Chinese Acrobat”



While Mommy just stepped away while changing her diapers halfway to take out the laundry, Layla had turned herself over from the back position to the tummy position… all on her Own!!


Roll baby Roll October 22, 2008

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So Layla just started rolling over on the mat over the past few days!! 

I took a couple of photos to capture her attempting that crazyness!!

On another note, We took her to see the Doctor for her 3rd month checkup.. and she now offically weighs 12lbs 6.5oz and is 24 inches in length… pretty long for her age according to the Doctor. Cindy and I are both really happy that she is doing well and beggining to LAUGH!! Actually it’s more like a giggle .. the sound of joy coming out of her just sounds so pure and innocent … it really melts our hearts!! I wish she would do it 24hrs a day!! HA ha!!











The COLD!!! October 7, 2008

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This past weekend just got colder suddenly… and I was unlucky enough to have caught the virus. Needless to say this had to happen just as my parents were leaving. And what’s even worse is that Cindy has gotten a sore throat too and to make matters worse… LAYLA has gotten a runny NOSE… SIGH…. 


We brought her to the doctors yesterday to see what can be done, as her breathing was being affected slightly. The doctor tried to use saline injected up the nose to make her mucas liquidy so that she could sneeze it out.. but she just didn’t feel like sneezing. Instead she just let it leak out.  We were told that no medicine was available for a case like this and that we had to wait it out for about 10 -14 days.


So the past couple of nights was just plain uneasy sleeping in our household and plenty of crying from poor Layla. The stuffy nose just gets to her and she gets all agitated. We have tried useing cotton tips and the Ball sucker to try and extract out as much as we could.. but we can’t get everything of course. So Layla just has to suck it up and she forces herself to sleep with our consoling of course.



The pic doesn’t show her unhappy side ..