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Taryn visits Layla!!! August 27, 2008

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Attack of the Gigantor!!! Yes …. Taryn and Ally visited little Layla today. And oh my how little Taryn has grown. I wished I had a pic of them together. Too bad I was busy playing with little Taryn and didn’t take many pics. I wanted to stay and play more but I had to go back to work.

Here’s 2 pics of just her and Ally:

Yes she’s 7months and she CAN ALMOST WALK!!

Bustin a Micheal Jackson lean forward.


Good bye to Cindy’s Mom

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Last night we said goodbye to Cindy’s mom, who has stayed with us for 2 months already. Thanks you for all the great things you have done for us, including preparing all our meals and even getting little Layla to sleep on some difficult occasions.





LAYLA’s First Outing August 23, 2008

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This Afternoon we decided that it was time she experience her first shopping experience at the mall. So with a good feeding, we buckled her up into the stroller and headed out to the nearby Weschester Mall. She handled it pretty well… awake for most of the time… just looking around and soaking it all in. Then… POOP MONSTER attacked and got her wailing. So we made a pitstop at the Nordstrom’s restroom anmd everything went back to pretty much normal. However, Cindy’s mom had to carry her for a while till she fell asleep and then we put her back in to the carseat/stroller.


Outside a Mac Store


 Her very first visitor in the mall!


Fast asleep from pooping.


Me posing with sleeping beauty.


Cindy and Mom


At my office … and she woke up!!!!


Happy 1 Month Old !!!

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It hasn’t really hit me yet but Layla has turned 1 month old on the 08/21/08. We are now feeding her less frequently allowing her and ourselves more sleep during each feeding intervals. (SIGH….)


This morning at around 630am while I was watching the Olympic highlights.. she started crying out of the blue. Cindy had gone to the CVS(convenient store) opposite our apartment to get some Alcohal Lotion, so I was put in charge. I got up and tried to pat her back to sleep as I thought it was still too early for her next feeding anyways. But she wouldn’t stop crying, so the next thing I did was to carry her up and try to bounce and sway her to sleep. Again she wouldn’t stop. Naturally I then checked her diapers to see if they were soiled or wet… and there we go!! Poop had gotten her uncomfortable and made her all squirmy.


I then began to unbutton her clothes to get to her diapers and to my surprise…..her dried-up umbilical cord was GONE!!! Yes.. IT HAS FINALLY DROPPED OFF and was just stuck to the clothes i had rolled up. Anyways.. I just wanted to get that out to the rest of the family incase you were worried about it. Cindy arrived soon after I changed her diapers and Layla got some fresh milk and she was contented again.




3 weeks and finally above her birth weight August 14, 2008

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When we brought Layla back to the Pedetrician for her 2 week old routine checkup… she checked in at 6 lbs 13 oz, which was still low compared to her 7 lbs 2 oz birth weight. The doctor and was alittle concerned and decided that we should bring her in again the following week to make sure she was at least catching up with that figure.

We were of course also alittle dissapointed with our efforts in feeding her, and decided that we MUST stuff her with as much milk as we could each time.

Yesterday we brought her back to the Dr.s and to our surprise, she had already surpassed her birth weight and jumped to 7 lbs 9oz . SWEET!!! Our efforts paid off!! 😛


After her burping waiting eagerly for the next feed.


Layla licking her own lips!


Oh So Sleepy after meals August 10, 2008

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Cindy Burping her after her meal.




Attack of the Baby Acne August 9, 2008

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OoooohhHh pose!!  


A smile?!!


Full Body pose!