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The COLD!!! October 7, 2008

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This past weekend just got colder suddenly… and I was unlucky enough to have caught the virus. Needless to say this had to happen just as my parents were leaving. And what’s even worse is that Cindy has gotten a sore throat too and to make matters worse… LAYLA has gotten a runny NOSE… SIGH…. 


We brought her to the doctors yesterday to see what can be done, as her breathing was being affected slightly. The doctor tried to use saline injected up the nose to make her mucas liquidy so that she could sneeze it out.. but she just didn’t feel like sneezing. Instead she just let it leak out.  We were told that no medicine was available for a case like this and that we had to wait it out for about 10 -14 days.


So the past couple of nights was just plain uneasy sleeping in our household and plenty of crying from poor Layla. The stuffy nose just gets to her and she gets all agitated. We have tried useing cotton tips and the Ball sucker to try and extract out as much as we could.. but we can’t get everything of course. So Layla just has to suck it up and she forces herself to sleep with our consoling of course.



The pic doesn’t show her unhappy side ..


4 Responses to “The COLD!!!”

  1. jend Says:

    Oh no! Hope you feel better soon Tan family 😦 Even though Layla isn’t feeling very well…she is still as precious as ever!!!

  2. venece Says:

    Adorable as ever even with a cold! 🙂

  3. Reagan Says:

    She IS the cutest baby ever. Shhh…..don’t tell Aubrey I said so. 🙂

  4. Melody Chen Says:

    She’s so adorable in this pic, Mel. Get well soon!

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