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Taiwan Part 4 December 27, 2008

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Surprise.. I got new photos today!! I know.. it’s rather quick!!

Layla and Great Grand Pa once again



Grabbin her feet .. showin off her moto-skillz!!  



Posin for cam!!



And the roll over..she’s gotten really good at this now




Small Smile!



Medium Smile!!



Large Smile!!!



The widest smile ever!!!



4 Responses to “Taiwan Part 4”

  1. tomsaville Says:

    Oh dang she’s adorable! Happy babies are awesome babies.

  2. Lluis Says:

    AAARGHHHH .. Pure cuteness !!! Must … resist … the urge to pinch … her … cheeks !!! 😀

    Best regards from Barcelona Melvin — See you soon !

    HONK –


  3. Melody Says:

    WE miss Layla…happy smiles to brighten anyone’s day! How are you guys? Keeping warm? Hugs to Cin…

  4. dee Says:

    dude..time to update your page? but im guessing youre busy!
    i can’t wait to visit!! one more month or so.. 🙂

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