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Taiwan Part 4 December 27, 2008

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Surprise.. I got new photos today!! I know.. it’s rather quick!!

Layla and Great Grand Pa once again



Grabbin her feet .. showin off her moto-skillz!!  



Posin for cam!!



And the roll over..she’s gotten really good at this now




Small Smile!



Medium Smile!!



Large Smile!!!



The widest smile ever!!!



In Taiwan – Part 1 November 23, 2008

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Cindy and Layla arrived safely in Taiwan and according to her, Layla was very well behaved on the plane and was a darling…. the flight attendant even held Layla for like 15mins in the kicthen area while they chatted.

Here are some photos of Layla in Taiwan. (since Cindy didn’t have space to carry our camera there, she had to use her mom’s).



Grandma, Great Grandpa and Layla. That’s a red packet from Great Grandpa!!! THANK YOU!!!!




 Grand Auntie( Grandma’s older Sister ) and Layla




 Grandma burping Layla



 Lazing at home with Grandma and her boyfriend.



 Hmmm…. Layla doesn’t seem to like him . That’s the Boyfriends son and his first attempt at carrying a baby. (keep trying though .. you’ll eventually get it)




 Cindy’s long time friend, Huey Ying( i think that’s how it spelt) came over to visit!!


Now’s we’re just missing a picture of Cindy’s sister with Layla…..


Grand Dad and Ma have left! October 7, 2008

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So the day finally came that my parent’s have to go back to S’pore. We are all going to miss how much they were able to help out around the house both with Layla and some chores. Thanks for everything Dad and Mom.





Back from LA September 12, 2008

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So the whole family went to LA for my cousin’s wedding. Layla did really well on the Plane and hardly made a sound. She slept most of the time and only woke up becos of wet/soiled diapers which we(Cindy and I) tackled really quickly to make sure she wouldn’ explode out and make a scene.


Just b4 we entered the plane


 Great Grandma (who came all the way from S’pore) with Layla


Just a nice pic of Grandma with Layla


Layla and myself all dressed up for the wedding Dinner


Layla and Cindy


Grandpa and Grandma posing with Layla


My Uncle T.S. , Auntie L.F and cousin, Katia and her newly wed Husband David.


Grandpa and Grandma are here!! September 3, 2008

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So after Cindy’s mom left, my parents are here to come help out. And so far.. it’s been really great. From 2am my dad and mom wakes up to take over so Cindy and I can sleep till 830am( well at least I am getting more sleep cos Cindy’s still has to breast feed).


My Dad burping her


At a Diner having lunch.


Tired after an afternoon outing


“Look at me make a bubble” – She’s probably doing her business right at this time.


I just love the opened mouth when she sleeps


When we were all babies September 1, 2008

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So everyone was saying she looked like Cindy when she was a baby. You guys see it for yourself!




Good bye to Cindy’s Mom August 27, 2008

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Last night we said goodbye to Cindy’s mom, who has stayed with us for 2 months already. Thanks you for all the great things you have done for us, including preparing all our meals and even getting little Layla to sleep on some difficult occasions.