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Welcome LAYLA TAN!!! July 25, 2008

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It finally happened… 7:08am on the 23rd of July 2008 (EST). Baby Tan now refered to as Layla decided that it was time that she came out of Cindy to see the world. She weighed 7.2 lbs(3.27kg) and was 20 inches long. That’s a pretty big baby for someone of Cindy and my size …ha ha!!

One thing I’d like to mention is that Cindy did not use any pain killers or even the epidorial ( like we planned for, from the very begginning). I am so very proud and very surprised with her for putting up with the pain and having the courage to go through the whole painful but short process (that’s what most of the nurses said….about 7 hrs in total from labor to delivery).

I will post more pics up later when I get more time!!


It should be happening Soon!! July 23, 2008

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Yesterday was Supposed to be her due date… but nothing happened… lucky for me, I was able to get some last minute work done at the office and even played Frisbee in the afternoon. Probably my last game till who knows when.

It’s now 1:30 am on a Wed morning and Cindy has finally started to feel her contractions coming in now. Will keep updating when I can!!


9 months … almost there!! July 12, 2008

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Cindy is almost there now.. 2 more weeks to go!!


The Arrival of Grandma(Cindy’s Mom)! July 6, 2008

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Cindy’s Mom arrived on the 22nd of June and eversince then, she has been helping to prepare meals and doing some simple house chores for us. Awesome!!! Here’s a taste of home cooking from taiwan. Yummmm… at least for us.