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Random Pics November 5, 2008

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Been lazy lately about posting stuff.. so here’s some candid pics of Layla.



It’s been a while since she has slept on my shoulders so I asked Cindy to take one for the record. And Yes I am growing a Beard for a contest at my work place. Check it out here



Another one of her .. sigh… wished I could be like her and sleep without any worries.



Layla sitting on a Bumbo seat that our dear friends the Bruno’s got for her.



Lately I have been carrying her in differnt ways so i could use my other arm… this one is called “The Chinese Acrobat”



While Mommy just stepped away while changing her diapers halfway to take out the laundry, Layla had turned herself over from the back position to the tummy position… all on her Own!!


Roll baby Roll October 22, 2008

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So Layla just started rolling over on the mat over the past few days!! 

I took a couple of photos to capture her attempting that crazyness!!

On another note, We took her to see the Doctor for her 3rd month checkup.. and she now offically weighs 12lbs 6.5oz and is 24 inches in length… pretty long for her age according to the Doctor. Cindy and I are both really happy that she is doing well and beggining to LAUGH!! Actually it’s more like a giggle .. the sound of joy coming out of her just sounds so pure and innocent … it really melts our hearts!! I wish she would do it 24hrs a day!! HA ha!!











The COLD!!! October 7, 2008

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This past weekend just got colder suddenly… and I was unlucky enough to have caught the virus. Needless to say this had to happen just as my parents were leaving. And what’s even worse is that Cindy has gotten a sore throat too and to make matters worse… LAYLA has gotten a runny NOSE… SIGH…. 


We brought her to the doctors yesterday to see what can be done, as her breathing was being affected slightly. The doctor tried to use saline injected up the nose to make her mucas liquidy so that she could sneeze it out.. but she just didn’t feel like sneezing. Instead she just let it leak out.  We were told that no medicine was available for a case like this and that we had to wait it out for about 10 -14 days.


So the past couple of nights was just plain uneasy sleeping in our household and plenty of crying from poor Layla. The stuffy nose just gets to her and she gets all agitated. We have tried useing cotton tips and the Ball sucker to try and extract out as much as we could.. but we can’t get everything of course. So Layla just has to suck it up and she forces herself to sleep with our consoling of course.



The pic doesn’t show her unhappy side ..


Grand Dad and Ma have left!

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So the day finally came that my parent’s have to go back to S’pore. We are all going to miss how much they were able to help out around the house both with Layla and some chores. Thanks for everything Dad and Mom.





Baby Shower at Bruno’s September 25, 2008

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We had a different kind of baby shower at the Bruno’s last weekend. Instead of a shower held before the birth of the baby.. we had one 2 months after since Cindy was a little reluctant when she was pregnant. Also we recieved Red Packets (very customary of our chinese culture) instead of the regular gifts … which was very cool and ingenious of our dear friends who attended the shower.


It turned out to be an awesome day and we had a very pleasant time having some BBQ and mingling with everyone. As usual everyone remarked at how cute Layla was and that she really resembled Cindy.


I didn’t take too many photos.. so here are some of them:



This is Emma… holding tightly to Elmo



Hannah and her Mom, Wendy



Our wonderful Host Nick getting his assed kicked by Dylan and Cooper (the Dog)



Taryn sharing a meal of 100yr old soccer ball with Cooper




Aunty Jen who is expecting in Nov 08 with Layla



Cindy and Taryn


A sequence for your enjoyment!! September 17, 2008

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Funny faces – 2 months!! September 16, 2008

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Here are some funny faces that she makes.